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Oinoe: The City of Wine

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Whenever you see pictures of Emilian meals, there will always be a bottle of wine on the table. Wine is a symbol of time spent together, and the hospitality of this region. We are always ready to welcome everyone with open arms.

Hospitality is also one of the key words at Oinoe. It’s much more than a winery, it is a true Wine City surrounded by the enchantment of the surrounding hills, caressed by the air that is always as crisp as its Lambrusco.

Discover with us

This winery started out with just a few thousand bottles. After just a few years Oinoe has become an internationally recognised winery thanks to its supreme focus on quality and the combination of tradition and innovation..

The winery uses a minimal amount of sulphites and its soil is cultivated according to sustainable agriculture, fully respecting nature, because Oinoe's production philosophy is as valuable as the fruit of its vineyards. Harvesting is done by hand and the grapes are selected directly on the vine before arriving at the winery, where the process is completed with the latest technology to ensure constant monitoring and temperature control.

From Moscato to Sauvignon, Cabernet to Merlot, Barbera to Malvasia: Oinoe will host us for an engaging and relaxing experience, discovering the myriad nuances and scents that are an inescapable testament to Emilian wine and food history and folklore.

Discover with us