Our Mission

It all starts in Emilia. The destination and the starting point, the beating heart of our land, the cradle and the keeper of stories and history. For us, it’s simply ‘home’.

It’s as though Emilia and its plains were born to welcome people and guide them to the sea, the mountains, and the city with its thousands of voices. Around the world, Emilia is often referred to as the ‘Food Valley’, because its top-quality products are so abundant that counting them seems to be an impossible feat. Allow us to do it for you, and - just like Emilia - we will welcome you and guide you on a journey of discovery of its delicacies as well as its nature, culture and history.

Sleeping in a bed & breakfast surrounded by nature, visiting a traditional cheese factory or old-fashioned vinegar cellar, strolling through the Matildiche hills or dining in the shade of castles... Animabuona is here to show you what is important, guiding you so that you can reach out and truly experience the area, and see every aspect of Emilia: not just its flavours but its colours, sounds and life as well.

This is what we call ‘being Emilian’ and, for us, it means living life to the fullest, appreciating and capturing beauty, and trusting our senses. Looking, listening, smelling and tasting everything that makes the land of Emilia unique in the world: a spot where you will have extraordinary experiences.

November 2017


In 2017 after 3 years of work, Andrea and Rossella founded EMILIA FOOD LOVE, from the desire to turn a dream into a business to love.

Since the founding, the mission has been: "EMILIA FOOD LOVE is a new way of travelling, of discovering flavours and the quality of products selected for you with great attention to detail and passion."

April 2020


Even if you live hundreds of miles away from Emilia, with EMILIA FOOD LOVE you can taste the best of our land even in the United States, expanding beyond European borders and acting directly as importers.

November 2021


From the union of EMILIA FOOD LOVE and Stagionatura 4 Castella, two companies that share a true passion and an idea: create a network of professionals and partners who would truly showcase Emilia and its treasures, without being limited by its borders, making it a starting point for unforgettable trips and experiences.

September 2022


Animabuona is a team of tireless dreamers, inspired by their love of the Emilia area and its traditions, both ancient and newer traditions that we have witnessed with our own eyes.

Good food, experiences that can change the course of a life or that remain deeply etched in our memories, and beauty ... these are the loves we share and what we wish to pass on in order to celebrate the inestimable value of Emilia’s heritage of culture and history, and food and wine , where the modern world meets traditions that have enchanted us for centuries.