About Us

Animabuona’s story is a dream. It is an observation of the present and a vision for the future, and it is the desire to fully experience and share every aspect of a land that will never cease to wonder and astonish us.

’s journey began before it was established, in the very heart of a project called EMILIA FOOD LOVE, which has been bringing the tradition of Emilia to tables all over the world for quite a few years but with the same enthusiasm as the very first day.

and Animabuona are two roads that run parallel and sometimes meet. They are two stages of the same journey that is rooted in flavours and the emotions they bring out. We brought Emilia to your table and, even then, we knew that one day we would do something more ... we would bring you to Emilia.

This is how the Animabuona team came about. It consists of the founders of EMILIA FOOD LOVE and Stagionatura Quattro Castella, two companies that share a true passion and an idea. The team wanted to create a network of professionals and partners who would truly showcase Emilia and its treasures, without being limited by its borders, making it a starting point for unforgettable trips and experiences.

Animabuona is a team of tireless dreamers, inspired by their love of the Emilia area and its traditions, both ancient and newer traditions that we have witnessed with our own eyes. Good food, experiences that can change the course of a life or that remain deeply etched in our memories, and beauty... these are the loves we share and what we wish to pass on in order to celebrate the inestimable value of Emilia’s heritage of culture and history, and food and wine, where the modern world meets traditions that have enchanted us for centuries.